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Welcome to Nemasysinfo, dedicated to pest control using natural, environmentally friendly nematodes to kill garden pests including slugs, vine weevils, chafer grubs, carrot root fly, cabbage root fly, leatherjackets, cutworms, onion fly, sciarid fly, caterpillars, gooseberry sawfly, thrips, and codling moth. They also get rid of ants. Using Nemaslug and Nemasys is easy and effective as well as safe for children, pets, wildlife, birds and bees. Nemaslug comes in two convenient sizes to treat small gardens and larger gardens or allotments. Nematodes are renowned biological control products, which provide many benefits over traditional gardening chemicals and are a key ally for organic gardeners. Browse the site to find out more about these garden pests and how the Nemasys range of nematodes (including Nemaslug) can help you.

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Garden feeder application instructions

The best way to apply Nemasys & Nemaslug to your garden is to use a hose feeder, here are instructions on how to get the best out of your application.

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